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Money Life Interview with Marty Bergin

Marty Bergin, President of DUNN Capital Management, was invited on Money Life with Chuck Jaffe, a popular business and financial podcast and radio show. In this conversation, Marty talks about trend following and how the strategy performs in different market environments. Marty and Chuck discuss the current inflationary environment as well as how trend following has navigated this kind of environment in the past.

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen interviewed on The Investors Podcast

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, Managing Director of DUNN Capital (Europe) was invited on The Investors Podcast, one of the world’s leading Investing podcasts to discuss trend following and how to build better and safer portfolios. Niels also provides some historical context to the famous Turtle story from his interview with Richard Dennis.

Jenny Kellams Interviewed on Michael Covel’s Trend Following Podcast

Jenny Kellams is Director, Investment Strategy at Dunn Capital Management. She is primarily responsible for the marketing and distribution of DUNN strategies to family offices and financial advisors. Jenny was recently a guest on Michael Covel’s popular podcast “Trend Following” where they talked about Jenny’s path to becoming an important leader on DUNN’s team and discussed her role in bringing the benefits of trend following to the advisor community.

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen in conversation with Dr. Daniel Crosby.

Dr. Daniel Crosby is the Chief Behavior Officer of Brinker Capital, and the host of The Standard Deviation Podcast. Dr. Crosby came to investment management through clinical psychology and therefore has a unique perspective on behavioral economics and the conversation ranges from how human behavior is evolutionarily ill-equipped for investment management, the importance of having rules for investing during turbulent times, and what investors can do to modify their behavior to achieve success.

In Part 1, Niels and Daniel discuss why the evolution of human behavior is antithetical to investing and how being a quantitative investor is beneficial to overcoming bad behavioral economics. They also discuss the building blocks of behavioral finance and why “I don’t know” is the most under-appreciated phrase in investing.

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen in conversation with Dr. Daniel Crosby - Part 2.

In Part 2, Niels and Daniel discuss how emotion affects investment decision-making, the problem with financial media, and what investors can do to correct their bad investment behavior. They also dig deeper into how to deal with emotions as an investor and why rules are better than goals, before moving on to Daniel’s Four “C”s of investing. The conversation ends on the topics of why overabundance of data can be detrimental to decision-making, why process over outcome is important and why volatility is not the same as risk.

"Adapt or Die" - Marty Bergin Interviewed on the Meb Faber Podcast

In this conversation, Marty speaks with Meb Faber, host of one of the leading financial podcasts in the world. He discusses his background and the story of how he met and became the protégé of Bill Dunn.

Meb and Marty talk about trend following and how the strategy performs in different market environments, as well as how it fits into an overall portfolio.

Marty provides a deep dive into the WMA program, digging into portfolio construction, the evolution of the system over three decades, and the importance of research and adaptability.

Both guys talk about common misconceptions about trend following and theorize about why the strategy hasn’t become more popular.