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Special Edition Q&A InsideDUNN

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen sits down with James Dailey, the CEO of DUNN Capital to do a special Q&A edition of InsideDUNN with questions that are frequently asked of us by our clients and prospective clients.

In This Special Edition, You’ll Learn:
  • How we identify trends as a systematic trader, especially before it is too late
  • Why trend followers don’t create trends, they just react to what is happening
  • How DUNN combines multiple techniques for trend following
  • How we identify when a trend is over
  • Why trends will continue in the future
  • Why human behavior plays a big part in trend following
  • What we do to stay ahead of the curve by using innovation in our research
  • The benefits of systematic trading
  • What impact investors can expect when adding trend following to their portfolio